Kreativni Cenatar - Prava


written by
Nevena Lovrinčević

illustrated by

19x14cm, 56pp
paperback, black & white


This is the latest title by Nevena Lovrinčević, a very successful author of handbooks for parents. Bedwetting is a problem that is tedious, persistent and uncomfortable for both the parents and the child. Moreover, it is unlikely that you will overhear parents talking about it on a park bench or at a playground. This issue is also something that we will rarely discuss outside the immediate family circle.

In this book, you will find answers to the most important questions related to bedwetting, ones that are probably occupying your thoughts (causes, frequency, consequences, feelings of children and parents, types of treatment), as well as practical advice on how to - together will your little one - tackle the problem of bedwetting the proper way and when the time is right.


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