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  Menopause – A Book for Every Woman  

Menopause – A Book for Every Woman

written by
Violeta Babić

illustrated by
Bojana Dimitrovski

14x19,5 cm, 124 pp
full colour, paperback


This is the brand new title of our currently best selling and award winning author, Violeta Babić. Menopause is a new phase in a life of every woman. This useful guide will introduce you to all the changes and many nice things that menopause brings. It will also help you realise that it is not a disease or a phase to be ashamed or afraid of. As the quality of life has improved and the life became longer in the 21st century, women will spend almost one third of their life in a menopause. Whether you are young or middle aged this book will keep you informed about what you can expect or what you are currently going through.

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