Kreativni Cenatar - Prava
  Violins constellation  

Violins constellation

written by
Vesna Aleksić

illustrated by
Maja Veselinović

15x21cm, 176 pp
paperback, two colours

The latest novel by an award-winning author is a tender and exciting coming of age novel from the time of grange, first video games, and dial-up internet. It is a story from the ‘90s when the times were turbulent in the Balkans, when generation X was in their teens, growing up with good music, films, and comic books but was also searching for the lights of the stars in the darkness they found themselves in. The novel is composed as a reminiscence of the protagonist from the times when epic confrontations of the good and the evil were seeping down from the comic books into the real world. This tender and at the same time bitter story is intended for the new generations who are also in the search of their own dreams and need some answers that can be found in the past.