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  Feminism for girls  

Feminism for girls

written by
Lamija Begagić, Marina Veličković, Ana Pejović

illustrated by
Aleksandra Nina Knežević

21 x 14cm, 166 pp
black & white, paperback

This teenage guide in a blog form gives answers to some of the questions teenage girls usually ask: Why is my mum the one who does all the work around the house and not my dad? Why do I have my dad's last name and not my mum's? Why do we know about so many male athletes and scientists, but so few female athletes and scientists?These lessons might not help you get straight A's, but they will help you make the world a better and more just place for you and your (girl) friends. And the first and most important lesson goes like this: There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that girls cannot, are not allowed, or don't have to do just because they are girls!