Kreativni Cenatar - Prava
  (Don't) Ask me how I am  

(Don't) Ask me how I am

written by
Ivana Lukić

illustrated by
Dušan Pavlić

14x21cm, 116 pp
two colours, paperback

This unusual book for young adults consists of short-form notes as if taken from a diary. These notes are the most intimate thoughts and inner revelations of unknown teenage girls and boys. Although anonymous, these notes are recognizable and close to heart. Uncertainty, giving up, boredom, first love and passions, secret and public questions, life choices, professors, parents, school. Fitting in and not fitting in, inner struggles and struggles with the world around, first big decisions and first big losses - with one wordgrowing up. It won one of the most prestigious literary awards in children's literature in Serbia, namely Zabavnik Award for best fiction book for young readers in 2015.    

Rights sold to Macedonia FYR


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