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  A Book for Every Girl  

A Book for Every Girl

written by
Violeta Babić

illustrated by
Ana Grigorjev

18x22 cm, 164 pp
full colour, strengthened paperback

This book is for all the girls aged 9 to 19. It helps them learn more about the changes that come with puberty, personal hygiene, facial and body care. Girls and young women can also read about putting on makeup, dressing, working out and eating healthy. This book has seen 12 editions since its first release in 2008. A book for every girl is no. 1 bestseller in Serbia as it has sold in more than 60.000 copies since it was published. 

Rights sold to Russia, Colombia, Croatia, Vietnam, Slovenia, Lithuania, China, Latvia, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia FYR, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Bahrain (English - Gulf region; Arabic worldwide), Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Thailand.

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