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  The Devil’s Hoofprints  

The Devil’s Hoofprints

written by
Chris McGowan

illustrated by
Dušan Pavlić

12 x 18 cm, 94 pp
black & white, paperback


It was a harsh winter at the beginning of the year 1855 when Reverend Percival Bliss came from London to a little village called Bishopstone. The reason of his arrival was the digging he intended to make in the Hobbs Rock cave, a place haunted by terrifying rumours. But what he did not expect was something he and his young assistant Tom faced while searching for the fossils.

Two dreadful red eyes were following the two protagonists of the novel throughout their investigation. Was that the creature from the stories that were told by the inhabitants of Bishopstone and were passed on from generation to generation? Would Reverend Bliss discover whose hoofprints were left in the snow on that cold February night? Follow the pages of this exciting novel written by Chris McGowan and try to solve this mystery!


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