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  Arts and crafts for preschool  

Arts and crafts for preschool

written by
Mirjana Živković

illustrated by

25,5 x 35,5 cm, 40 pp + additional material
full colour, box


This is an arts and crafts practicum meant for children 5-7 years of age. It comprises of 40 activity pages divided into the areas which target development, education and learning skills; a manual for preschool teachers which describes each activity, list of techniques for accomplishment of the activity and the purpose of the said activity; and various materials such as: offset paper, aquarelle paper, natron kraft paper, pastel paper, natron paper bag, envelops and stickers. The guidelines in the manual for preschool teachers are easy to use and intelligible for beginners as well.

Best European textbook 2013 (Bronze Award 2013 on BESA competition)


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